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SpeakStruct empowers professionals, businesses and developers across various industries to convert voice input into structured formats with customizable templates.

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Giving voice structure.

Whether it's formatting legal notes, structuring meeting minutes, or capturing customer feedback, SpeakStruct has you covered. Our platform is designed to help you capture voice input and convert it into a structured format with ease.

Customizable Templates

Tailor SpeakStruct to your specific needs with our versatile template builder. Whether you require formatted notes, documents, or even JSON, create templates that fit your unique workflow.

Accurate Transcription

Leverage advanced AI and natural language processing to ensure high accuracy in voice transcription and data structuring. SpeakStruct understands you and your users, capturing every detail.

Capture Anywhere

Use the app, share a link, or embed the widget to capture voice input from any channel.

Use Cases

SpeakStruct's unique technology helps users and businesses across various industries.

Sales & Marketing

Summarize sales calls, generate client proposals, and close more deals, faster.

Customer Support

Enable customers to submit voice feedback, receive structured and formatted reports with the information to help resolve issues faster.

Product & Engineering

Enable voice-powered features in minutes with our embedded widget. Receive structured JSON via webhooks or through our API.

Financial/Mortgage Advisors

Generate client profiles, financial position and property preference summaries.

Healthcare Professionals

Formatted SOAP notes for accurate and fast note-taking and upload to Patient Management Systems.

...and more

SpeakStruct's flexible template builder can be used by anyone that wants to turn voice input into a consistent, structured format.

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